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Dan Kennedy – The Ultimate No BS Referral Machine
By: Date: November 6, 2018 Categories: Author,Dan Kennedy,IM Course

” Asserting A Refined and classy Referral System Your Competitors Does not Know About That’ll Generate An Limitless Movement Of Certified Purchasers, shoppers or shoppers FAST … Even If You’ve got Been Afraid To Ask For Referrals Or Your Prospects Do not NeedTo Refer.” Most Of The Previous Gross sales Coach’s Strategies For Garnering Referrals…

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Dan Kennedy – The Writer’s Utopia
By: Date: October 6, 2018 Categories: Author,Dan Kennedy,IM Course

For the first time ever you can get a giant collection of the best works of Jerry Buchanan. This is a treasure trove of material no serious info-marketer will want to be without! A lot of “big time” infomarketers owe some credit got some of their early inspiration from Jerry Buchanan. as I did. Now I’ve reprinted a huge collection of Jerry’s most interesting works, so vou can have the same ideas and encouragement that got people like Ted Nicholas and Joe Cossman and Dan Kennedy.

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